• Firearms Transfers from $25/each (see discounts page)
  • NFA Transfers from $35/each. (see discounts pages)
  • Interstate Transfers from $25/each (see discount pages)
  • Firearms Sales – See store for our offerings and prices.
  • NFA Items (Suppressors, SBRs, etc) – See store for what we can offer to you.
  • Firearm Tune-ups and Cleaning – Varies
  • CNC Laser Etching of any metal, glass, acrylic, stone, or ceramic surface – Pricing varies on the job.
  • CNC Plasma Cutting up to 3/8″ thick, and 30 x 30″ – Pricing Varies on artwork needed, design, etc.
  • Welding Services¬† (TIG and MIG) – Pricing Varies, but the basic cost is $65/hr
  • Multi-Color 3D printed modeling, rapid prototyping, we can support a single object up to 15x15x15 inches – Pricing Varies on complexity, changes, artwork, changes that need to be made to files for print-ready work.
  • Firearms Training, and Safety Education Services.

All sales, transfers, and services are done under strict requirements as required by Federal Law and ATF Regulations. All sales and transfers require a full background check on the Form 4473.