Sunday, March 3, 2024


Dark Matter has a combined experience of firearms of over 30 years including military, security, automotive customization and machining backgrounds.

We are a fully licensed ATF Type 07 FFL Manufacturer and Dealer of Firearms with our Class 2 SOT (Special Occupational Tax) Stamp allowing us to deal. sell, and manufacture NFA related items.

Multiple degrees and certifications have been obtained by the leadership.

All sales of firearms, accessories, and custom work are done strictly under accordance with Federal Law. All weapons buyers must pass a 4473 Background Check before you will be allowed to purchase a firearm from us.

If you are located in Arizona you may come to us to pick up your firearm or we can ship to your favorite FFL if you do not want to drive here.

If you are not located inside Arizona, we can still sell to you however we must ship your firearm to your favorite FFL who will then proceed with the transfer process. They may charge you a fee for this service, this fee is on top of what we charge you.